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Information for those charged Domestic Violence in Texas

Have you been charged with domestic violence in Houston, Galveston or anywhere in Harris County? If so you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people in Texas are charged with domestic violence, or family violence, every year. If you are in this situation, it’s important that you speak to an experienced Houston domestic violence defense attorney today.

In 2018, there were 207,360 offenders of domestic. This was slightly more than the 2017 total of 207,231.

Family violence often involves married people and exes. When it comes to this group in Texas, husbands are the ones most commonly charged with domestic violence, and wives are the most common victims. This makes up 33.4% of all family violence incidents in Texas.

Relationship of Victim Total %
Husband 4.2%
Wife 13.1%
Common-Law Husband 2.5%
Common-Law Wife 9.5%
Ex-Husband 0.9%
Ex-Wife 3.2%

When it comes to parents and children, here are the statistics for offenders of family violence and the relationship to the victim. Mothers are most often the target of family violence.

Relationship of Victim Total %
Father 2.3%
Mother 6.1%
Son 2.3%
Daughter 3.2%
Stepfather 0.8%
Stepmother 0.3%
Stepson 0.6%
Stepdaughter 0.8%
Foster Parent 0.0%
Foster Child 0.0%

Out of married people and those with a parent/child relationship, here are the others who are most commonly the targets of domestic violence:

Relationship to Victim Total %
Grandfather 0.2%
Grandmother 0.6%
Grandson 0.1%
Granddaughter 0.3%
Brother 2.9%
Sister 3.8%
Stepbrother 0.1%
Stepsister 0.2%
Male Roommate 2.1%
Female Roommate 3.6%
Male In-Law 0.8%
Female In-Law 1.0%
Other Male Family Member 8.8%
Other Female Family Member 25.6%

Family Violence in Texas

Hundreds of thousands of men and women are charged with domestic violence every year in Texas. Harris County has the most incidents of family violence every year in Texas. Not everyone who commits an act of domestic violence is a bad person. And certainly, not everyone who is charged is guilty of such a crime. False allegations are not uncommon especially when it comes to divorce proceedings, and especially when kids are involved.

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