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Examples of Domestic Abuse in Texas

Domestic abuse can occur in many different ways. While most people think of men when they hear domestic abuse, this can also occur from female to male, female to female, or male to male.

Any of the following are instances of domestic violence.

  • Someone that uses fear to control their partner is abusive
  • A person that pushes, shoves, or throws their partner around is committing domestic abuse.
  • Slapping a partner with an open hand (or back of the hand) is domestic abuse.
  • A person that requires their partner to ask them for permission for things is being abusive.
  • A person that controls who your partner can see or be with is being abusive.
  • A person that criticizes their partner’s friends and relatives is being abusive.
  • Grabbing a partner by holding them is considered abuse
  • Squeezing a partner too tightly can be considered abuse.
  • Trying to embarrass your partner is a sign of abuse.
  • Unreasonably trying to control your partner’s spending is a sign of abuse.
  • If you pinch your partner to inflict pain, that can be abuse.
  • If you blame your partner for your actions or behavior, that is abuse.
  • Forcing your partner to have sex is considered abuse (rape).

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